In the small town of Alvesta, in the middle of the Swedish province Småland, we produce our beds with a well-known craftsmanship.

Our company Scapa origins from 1959. During almost 60 years we have built up a knowledge and competence for developing and producing top-quality beds.


The Sofa – a place to live and relax

There are no shortcuts when developing a good sofa. Choice of materials in combination with good design and genuine craftsmanship are the basis for a good sofa. In our everyday operation we combine these 3, to create the best possible sofa for you. We can offer over 30 different models in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

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The place to sleep

We develop many various models of beds and headboards. All our beds are of top quality and with and with the idea that the bed is the place to live your life in. In our beds you can in a comfortable way enjoy a good movie or read an exciting book. But most and for all it’s a place for sleeping and sweet dreams.

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Proud, Smart and Inspiring

Scapa is to the main part family owned. The company has the characteristics of a family business and we try to use the strengths’ in that concept. A concept that combines longterm thinking with quick decision making. The ownership comes with a passion and running the business becomes a lifestyle.