Aspö is constructed of thin metal tubes that hold the cushions in place, just like a basket. An easy-to-handle and easy-to-place type of armchair, suitable for smaller homes.

Simple construction of powder-coated metal tubes that carry an inviting cushion which wraps around and adds character to the whole as it “floats” out of the design.

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Design Amsell Berlin

Amsell berlin portratt 2016

Design studio Amsell Berlin was established 2004 in Stockholm,
Sweden, by Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin.

We design with a strong focus on the user and function. Our goal is
to design products that are sustainable, both in terms of materials
and manufacturing, but also with the ambition of finding a look
that will last over time. Our design should have a strong character
at the same time as it shall fit in different styles and types of
environments. Our design language can be described as a soft,
modern style with classic Scandinavian roots.

In addition to all the external conditions regarding form and function,
a piece of furniture holds lots of dreams and that is what we had
with us in the design process because that is how we interpret
The Dream Company.

We hope our Solitaires will be yours:
My read jaanakippo armchair
My have cool parties with my friends armchair
My watch Let’s dance armchair
My look out the window armchair
My have a talk with the oldies armchair
My play Fortnite armchair
My scream GOOOOAAAAL armchair

The Solitaire Collection