Product launch

January 2022
20 Tal 0150


So many news, so much excitement and always with sustainability in mind. We have longed to present this year's news to you.
We have dived deep into our history and found a fantastic, timeless design classic in Heritage. We collaborate with several different designers who make their interpretation of our promise The Dream Company under the name Solitaire - your place. And last but not least, a super exciting, and unique bed concept, Easy Pieces, that is so much more than just a bed.
With love and greetings from us at Scapa.

Let's go!


Timeless design is a sustainable commitment. Meet Queen 2022, an armchair ready for another 50 years in the spotlight!


We believe that together we reach further and in these design collaborations we explore the individual sitting. Your seat, where you choose to contemplate or socialize.