Glue gap on your turnable spring mattress

How do I know if there is a glue gap?

Unfortunately, errors sometimes occur in the manufacture of our beds. One such error could be a glue gap in the reversible mattress. A glue gap is when the edge reinforcement of the mattress comes loose from the surface of the bed.

A glue gap only affects the comfort and function of the product when it is larger than 20 cm.

If you suspect that your product is affected by a glue gap, we need to examine the product further. In order for us to make an accurate assessment, we need your help with documentation.

Please do the following:

Remove all bedding such as sheets and topper. Open the zipper on the mattress case and lift out the mattresses or mattress. Lift the bed surface plate and take a picture where you can clearly see that the glue joint has come loose from the edge reinforcement. If there are several mattresses, take a picture of each one of them.