We are awake so you can have complete confidence in our products and find peace of mind in your sleep. Scapa furniture is sustainable at all stages - for the consumer, the manufacturer, the supplier and for our planet.

Timeless design

Heritage is a collection where we rediscover our heritage. Classics that we put into production again as timeless design is something to strive for to achieve sustainable production and consumption. First out in this collection is Queen 2022.

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Together we go further. These design-collaborations are an exploration of the individual sitting. Your place, where you let your thoughts flow or where you socialise.


The sofa, the place where we enjoy sitting together. Where we sit nicely, like a haystack, or stretch out like a starfish. The place where we socialise with people around us or online through a screen.

Trygghet - Peace of mind

Peace of mind is at the very heart of our bed concept and the driving force of The Dream Company. We want you to sleep safely, with the certainty of our promise of a sustainable world for all.

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Made to fit your lifestyle

Your life is ever changing. That is why we develop and manufacture beds and sofas that fit your lifestyle – regardless of who you are or who you want to become. Our wide range of designs, colours and shapes gives you the opportunity to reflect your personality.