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The place for you and for all of us

The sofa is the place where life happens – it is the place that we share with our friends, where we are loud and social, or where we quietly stretch out by ourselves and let our thoughts flow in our own world. The sofa provides a sense of safety and togetherness and is a place for both rest and play.

A home without a sofa does not feel complete as it lacks that comfortable place where we can be together or just by ourselves. Today’s sofa is a gathering place and a meeting spot where we come together for rest, celebration, movie watching, sleepovers, and work. We meet in the physical room as well as in the digital world, comfortably leaning back on the sofa. A sofa from Scapa will brighten up your home no matter who you are or who you want to become. At Scapa we want everyone to find the suitable sofa, a sustainable piece of furniture that you can grow with and live with for a long time. We are proud that some of our sofas are labelled with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


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A modern sofa with straight lines and a low seat height. The cubist look is perfectly accentuated with distinctive seams that add character.

Berlin is a modular sofa for which you can choose the parts and colours that suit your home. The different modules allow you to create any shape and size you want. Thanks to that, this sofa will be ready to meet any new needs you might have in the future.

Don’t let the straight lines fool you, this sofa is a dream to both sit and lie on. A sofa for many years of wonderful hanging out!


With a timelessly modern look as its base, combined with a slightly relaxed attitude, no least through its generous padding all around, it offers great comfort for the whole family. Båstad is simply a sofa that feels right today, as it will in 10 years’ time.

Details such as a fully upholstered frame, where the armrests are in line with the back, provide the framework for the generous cushions. The double back cushions are perfect if you like to crawl further into the sofa, and provide good support if you just want to sit a little more upright.

Båstad is a modern classic with endless combination possibilities.

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Our Scandinavian design has left its mark on this modern sofa with classic lines. In Sundsvall you will sit comfortably and upright – or why not throw your legs up on a chaise lounge? Sundsvall is available in a variety of modern furniture fabrics and looks just as good in dark tones as in light colours – combine as you like with legs that suit your home. Sundsvall is a piece of furniture that completes the look of the room and adds style and sophistication.


Beautiful from all angles and offering fantastic comfort, Odense finds its place in any room. It creates a relaxed atmosphere that embraces all the people who use it and encourages you to stay seated for a long time.

Encompassing and organic design with distinctive details in its sewing. You can complement your Odense with both armchairs and footstools, just exactly as it suits your needs.

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Quality is what permeates all parts of Mölle. The stable and solidly built frame with Nozag springs in the base allows for deep relaxation. All cushions are filled with cold foam for a pleasant, firm feel, which is complemented by a fluffy soft top made of ball fibre that is not only comfortable to sit on but also a delight for the eye. Like a whirlpool, the Mölle sofa is inviting and beautiful, its silhouette appearing classic and elegant. With details such as the white oiled oak legs and the gorgeous upholster fabrics, it pays homage to the Scandinavian expression. A sofa you will enjoy for a long time.


With a generous seat depth and cold foam cushions with a ball fibre top, you will be seated softly yet stably. The design is airy and light. Your Amsterdam is available in a wide range of fabrics and changes its look depending on which one your choose. It is a piece of furniture that gives your home a modern look without taking up too much space. Amsterdam is one of our favourites and loved by many.


Nordic Swan Ecolabelled furniture by Scapa

Our sofas with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel are of high quality and tested for sustainability. They meet extensive environmental requirements for raw materials such as wood, metal, upholstery and plastic. There are also strict requirements regarding the environmental and health characteristics of chemicals used in production and regarding the emission of harmful substances.

We chose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel because it is one of the worlds toughest environmental labels. Considering only one environmental aspect is difficult enough, but the Nordic Swan Ecolabel consider all the relevant ones, from resource efficency and chemicals to climat and biodiversity.

To further complicate things: have you heard the term:”lifecycle perspective”? Well, we have. It means to consider all stages of a product’s life from raw materials, production, and use and reuse, recycling and waste.

We do it for you. And for the environment.