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Peace of mind is at the very heart of our bed concept and the driving force of The Dream Company. We want you to sleep safely, knowing our promise of a sustainable world for all. That’s why all our beds and accessories are labelled with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The concept consists of three furniture families with different comfort levels; Poppel, Havtorn, and Hassel. Each product family is composed of an adjustable bed, a continental bed, and a classic bed with frame. Thus, you get full choice and a variety of customisation possibilities.

All our continental beds and the classic beds are manufactured in Alvesta, in the middle of Småland in southern Sweden, while the adjustable beds and accessories are manufactured in Kaunas, Lithuania. Regardless of where they are produced, all our products are made with the same love, pride, and craftmanship.

Scapa Miljo 0364


Our most luxurious and lavish series. The beds offer amazing comfort that combines optimal pressure relief and a pleasant, soft feel. Genuine Swedish craftsmanship.

Scapa Miljo 0442


The beds of the Havtorn collection are characterised by Swedish quality rich in details. The sleeping comfort is very high, thanks to modern zoning which relieves the whole body.

Scapa Miljo 0394


A Hassel bed offers you both style and comfort without being too costly. Simply a good bed, made in Sweden.

Adjustable beds

More than just a bed - with its adjustable function it becomes a piece of furniture for both sleep and relaxation.

Continental beds

Here you will get optimum comfort and convenient height. A bed with a solid expression where you wake up completely refreshed.

Classic beds

Our original beds with a classic look that offer great comfort, suitable for all types of bedrooms.


Beds with incorporated headboard where you can change comfort and style.

Headboards and accessories

Upgrade your bedroom with accessories that accentuate and match your bed for a wonderfully cosy feel.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled sleep by Scapa

Our beds with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel are of high quality and tested for sustainability. They meet extensive environmental requirements for raw materials such as wood, metal, upholstery, and plastic. There are also strict requirements regarding the environmental and health characteristics of chemicals used in production and regarding the emission of harmful substances.