Adjustable beds

More than just a bed

An adjustable bed is not just a place to sleep, it is a piece of furniture that offers space to relax, to reflect, to work, to watch a movie or read a book, simply a place to be. Adjustable beds are made for optimal pressure relief and allow you to adjust your sleeping or sitting position just as you like it. Our beds are available in three versions, click on the links below to experience the Scapa adjustable beds.

POPPEL adjustable bed

Our most luxurious and lavish series. The beds offer amazing comfort that combines optimal pressure relief and a pleasant, soft feel. Genuine Swedish craftsmanship.

HAVTORN adjustable bed

The beds of the Havtorn series are characterised by Swedish quality rich in details. The sleeping comfort is very high, thanks to modern zoning which relieves the whole body.

HASSEL adjustable bed

A Hassel bed offers you both style and comfort without being too costly. Simply a good bed made in Sweden.

Accessories for your bed

We offer a wide range of headboards, bedroom benches, and other accessories that suit your lifestyle.

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