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We create furniture for an ever-changing life that suits you, no matter who you are or who you want to become – it is made to fit your lifestyle. Furniture for always and anytime, for here and now and for a long life; for anything and everything; for a chat or a nap; for me and for all of us.


The place for you and for all of us. The sofa is where we can enjoy time together and socialise or stretch out alone, just take a break and relax in our own world.


The place for you. How do you like to sit? Relaxed, upright, reclined, in constant motion or with your legs draped over the armrest. Find your seat.

Footstools and poufs

The accessory that adds character to your sofa or armchair. A decorative piece of furniture that can be used as an extra seat or simply as a comfortable spot to rest your feet on.


Solitaire is a collection of armchairs designed for the individual sitting. A place for you and your thoughts, where you can rest by yourself and ponder, or interact and socialise. The Solitaire collection has been designed together with a team of designers and design studios, all of whom have realised their interpretation of Scapa TheDreamCompany, our promise to a sustainable world for all.


Heritage is a collection where we rediscover our heritage. Classics that we are reintroducing into production because timeless design is something worth striving for to achieve sustainable production and consumption. First out in this collection is Queen 2022. Furniture with a design that lasts for decades is a sustainable commitment. While respecting the original design, we update them to meet the sustainability ideals of today and tomorrow. This is part of keeping our promise of a sustainable world for all.