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Footstools & Poufs

Who doesn’t love to put their legs up after a long day or just for a little rest?

A footstool or pouf is a wonderful accessory that adds character to your sofa or armchair. A decorative piece of furniture that can be used as an extra seat, as a comfortable spot to rest your feet on, or why not as a small extra table where you can place a tray. Footstools and poufs can work as stand-alone pieces or as extensions to your sofa, where they become a chaise lounge or a concluding piece. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.


Odense footstool

Beautiful from all angles and offering amazing comfort, Odense finds its place in any room. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and invites you to stay seated for a long time.

Organic design with distinctive details in its sewing.


Based on the original design from 1971, we have updated the armchair and footstool to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs for sustainable materials and design. All while bringing the flavour of the 70s into the 20s. A sustainable classic!

Queen 2022 comes with a powder-coated metal frame with casters and a padded cushion. A light and smooth design that adds character to any room.

Footstool queen white


Utstallning 0257

With straight lines, a low seat height and a cubist look which is perfectly accentuated with distinctive seams that add character. Berlin is modular, and you can choose the parts and colours that suit your home. The different modules allow you to create any shape and size you want. Berlin will be ready to meet any new needs you might have in the future.

Don’t let the straight lines fool you; this footstool is a dream to both sit and lie on!


With a timelessly modern look as its base, combined with a slightly relaxed attitude, no least through its generous padding all around, it offers great comfort for the whole family. For lasting moments and for many, many years. Båstad simply feels right today, as it will in 10 years’ time.

Båstad is a modern classic with endless combination possibilities.

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