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Timeless design – a sustainable commitment

Heritage is a collection where we rediscover our heritage. Classics that we put into production again as timeless design is something to strive for to achieve sustainable production and consumption. First out in this collection is Queen 2022.

Furniture that has a design that last for decades is a sustainable commitment. With respect for the original design, we update them to meet today's and tomorrow's sustainability ideals. We replace materials with renewable, reusable and recyclable alternatives. The materials are separable so the product is easier to renovate, repair and recycle when it comes to the end of life.

This is a part of fulfilling our promise of a sustainable world for all.

Queen 2022

Curious about our icon?

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Ready for the future

We love our Queen and think she deserves to be updated to today's standard and sustainability ideals. For an iconic armchair that last for 50 years is definitely considered as sustainable.

The Queen 2022 has a powder-coated metal frame instead of a chrome-plated frame as on the original. The armchair is redesigned so less material is used and the different materials and components can be separated for easy repair and recycling.