Queen 2022

Taking up the original design from 1971, we have updated the armchair to meet today's and tomorrow's needs for sustainable materials and design. At the same time, it adds a flavour of the 70s to the 20s. An iconic armchair that is ready for another 50 years in the spotlight. A sustainable classic!

The Queen 2022 has a powder-coated metal frame instead of a chrome-plated frame as on the original. The armchair is redesigned so less material is used and the different materials and components can be separated for easy repair and recycling.

An armchair with fantastic comfort, light and flexible and that bring character to any room.

Vit kopia

Create your look

Create your favourite look on the Queen 2022. Chose fabric and colour of the frame and wheels.


Accessories – footstool

Add a footstool to your Queen 2022 for an even more relaxed and comfortable experience.


Original design Janeric Bengtsson

Janeric Bengtsson kopia

Queen was designed in 1971 by Janeric Bengtsson for Scapa in Alvesta. His vision for the armchair was that everyone deserves to sit like royalty. The collection consisted of a pair; Queen and King.

An iconic armchair that lasts for decades with fantastic comfort and stylish character.