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If you ask us, an armchair is just one of the very best pieces of furniture – a one-person sofa! It's your own place, in your own home, in your own style. At Scapa, we love the armchair's ability to express itself in form, function, and comfort. The armchair is an easy-to-place piece of furniture that fits just as well in the living room and in the bedroom as in the study. It often becomes the jewel in the room, the object that adds that little extra touch. Our armchairs are built by hand, with pride and love for the craftsmanship.

Whatever your style, we believe Scapa has an armchair to suit you, as all of them are made to fit your lifestyle.


Beautiful from all angles and offering fantastic comfort, Odense finds its place in any room. It creates a relaxed atmosphere that embraces all the people who use it and encourages you to stay seated for a long time.

Encompassing and organic design with distinctive details in its sewing. You can complement your Odense with both armchairs and footstools, just exactly as it suits your needs.


Although small in size, Chub is extremely comfortable, with a generous seat surface and a distinctive curved backrest. It is a lovely, eye-catching piece of jewelry in your room.

Choose between stylish legs in black metal or classic wooden legs in dark oak.


Örum is the armchair for people who can't sit nicely with their bottom, back and feet where they are supposed to be. Instead, they curl up with their legs folded up or lie in the armchair cross-legged. Örum has the same function as a sofa, a one-person sofa. Like a bird in its nest, you can nestle down, into your own little island, with pillows and blankets as you like it best.

A really wide armchair with a simple design. A round base and a symmetrical "railing". Thick comfortable cushion and nice soft rounding on the top side for knees and neck. The base is wonderfully sturdy and provides a stable foundation.


Aspö is constructed of thin metal tubes that hold the cushions in place, just like a basket. An easy-to-handle and easy-to-place type of armchair, suitable for smaller homes.

Simple construction of powder-coated metal tubes that carry an inviting cushion which wraps around and adds character to the whole as it “floats” out of the design.