Continental beds

The bed that offers you many possibilities

A continental bed consists of three comfort layers. The box mattress forms the bottom of the bed – it will make sure your body gets some deep relief. The reversible spring mattress as the middle layer adjusts the comfort of the bed and is available in three different levels of firmness: medium, firm, and extra firm. The mattresses offer different zones of support to grant optimal comfort and softness in every sleeping position. Finally, there is the thick top mattress – the one closest to your body. It promotes your sleep comfort to the maximum, perfectly supporting your body. You can choose between three comfort choices. All in all, our continental beds give you the opportunity to find the bed that suits your body best. Read more and experience our beds here.

POPPEL continental bed

Our most luxurious and lavish series. The beds offer amazing comfort that combines optimal pressure relief and a pleasant, soft feel. A genuine Swedish craftmanship.

HAVTORN continental bed

The beds of the Havtorn series are characterised by high quality in every detail. The sleeping comfort is very high, thanks to modern zoning which relieves your whole body.

HASSEL continental bed

A Hassel bed offers you both style and comfort without being too costly. Simply a good bed.


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