Pilling, dirt and maintenance of your sofa

What do I need to think about to make sure my sofa has a long life?

Pilling is usually caused by external fibres (e.g. felt, clothing, decorative cushions, pets). It usually occurs on materials with synthetic fibres and often in combination with static electricity. The static electricity combined with low humidity attracts dust and other particles that adhere to the textile and cause pilling.

To prevent pilling, it is a good idea to impregnate your new sofa with an anti-pilling agent before you start using it. The anti-pilling agent creates a dirt-repellent film and reduces static electricity. This must be done when the sofa is clean. If the sofa has been used, the covers must be washed before impregnation.

Dirt is also a factor that can cause pilling. This is why good care and cleaning of the cushions is important to keep the sofa in good condition and ensure a long life.

Vacuum your sofa weekly with a soft extension to remove loose dirt particles. Loose dirt particles wear away at the fabric. After a certain period of use, you may need to wash your covers, provided the fabric is machine washable. Carefully follow the washing instructions for the fabric in question and once the covers have dried, remove any pilling with a fabric shaver.

If pilling has already occurred, use a fabric shaver on the covers. Some fabrics with high durability sometimes have extra material in the fabric, i.e. extra textile fibres. These fibres can cause pilling. In this case, it usually helps to use a fabric shaver repeatedly.