POPPEL classic

Our most luxurious and lavish series. The beds offer amazing comfort that combines optimal relief and a wonderfully soft feel.

  • Sturdy wooden frame of Swedish spruce with recessed wooden ribs.
  • Three layers of pocket springs for optimal pressure relief. The top mattress consists of a lower spring layer for optimum lying surface softness, and is combined with a higher 5-zone pocket spring layer for optimal adaptation and support. The bottom layer of springs allows for deep relaxation.
  • Choose between medium, firm, and extra firm lying comfort.
  • 25-year warranty on frame and wire breaking
  • Sizes: W80/90/105/120/140/160xL200, W90xL210

Poppel Klassisk Ben02 HB2 Elin 5079 Antracit 90x200 V01
Poppel Klassisk Ben02 HB1 Elin 5079 Antracit 180x200 V01
Poppel Klassisk Ben02 HB5 V02 Elin 5079 Antracit 90x200 0001


Poppel klassisk CT
  1. Top mattress, choose your favourite.
  2. Lower pocket for extra surface softness and a core of 5-zoned pocket springs for maximum pressure relief. Upholstery in furniture fabric. 12 cm sturdy frame made of Swedish spruce wood with active pocket springs. Upholstery in furniture fabric.


Exclusive upholstery fabric in a variety of colours for both beds and accessories

2050 Detaljeskud Elin 5070 Svart v01

Elin - Black

2050 Detaljeskud Elin 5079 Antracit v01

Elin - Granite

2050 Detaljeskud Elin 5078 Morkgraa v01

Elin - Dark grey

2050 Detaljeskud Elin 5077 Ljusgraa v02

Elin - Light grey

2050 Detaljeskud Elin 5071 Beige v01

Elin - Beige

2050 Detaljeskud Lin Natur v01

Lin - Nature

Bed legs

You can choose from a range of different legs to give your bed the right look and to match your interior. Champagne-shaped legs of pure elegance in metal or tapered wood legs.

Leg Product Coned 10cm Black v02

Black 10cm

Leg Product Coned 18cm Wood v02

Wood 18cm

Leg Product Coned 23cm White v02

White 23cm

Leg Product Elegance 12cm Oxid v03

Elegance Oxid 12cm

Leg Product Elegance 12cm Chrome v03

Elegance Silver 12cm

Leg Product Elegance 19cm Black v02

Elegance Black 19cm


We offer a variety of headboards, bed boxes and other accessories that fit your lifestyle.

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